Seedwork A Ministry of Teaching and Evangelism

Who is Seedwork?

Larry E. Maze

Larry was ordained in the Episcopal Church thirty-five years ago. He has served as a parish priest in a number of settings, and most recently served as the Episcopal Bishop of Arkansas for thirteen years. He retired from that position in 2007. He began an informal study of Carl Jung’s influence on Christian spirituality twenty years ago, and has attended many teaching events on the subject, sometimes as a student and sometimes as a presenter.

The work of Jung, John Sanford, Morton Kelsey and Robert Johnson have played key roles in his development as a teacher and workshop leader in the expanding arena of inner work. He has lectured particularly in the areas of shadow work, masculine and feminine energies, the role of dreams as Christian discipline, and the interconnections between Carl Jung’s work and the Christian journey. He has led parish weekends introducing the basic concepts of dream work. He and Susan Sims Smith frequently work together as retreat leaders.

Susan Sims-Smith

After 25 years as a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist, Susan Sims-Smith became an Episcopal priest.

She currently directs the SeedWork project, the focus of which is to offer people practical tools for spiritual and personal growth. She teaches people to pray, to meditate, and to work with their nighttime dreams as ways of listening to the movement of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.

Her work, much of which is rooted in the Sacred Feminine, is connected to the ancient wisdom tradition in Christianity, which is being restored to the modern-day church.

Her couples classes integrate spiritual and psychological learning opportunities, using the relationship itself as the container for growth.

Susan has recently been to India. Read more and see her photos here.

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